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sedApta Next Generation of TMS Solution

End to End Supply Chain Control by Shipper Perspective

NextRoute is based on 4 TMS Enablers

Thanks to our long experience in managing freight services by shipper perspective we have developed a collaborative platform, that involves all main actors of the process, and we have choosen the best solutions to integrate real time tracking and green shipment management

Smart Tracking

Automatic update of Tracking informations through a direct connection with Carrier Services and Best Cloud Platforms

Multi Tenant Collaborative Platform

For an easy integration of Freight Service Provider, from booking to on line check in, till integration in all execution steps, economic, documental and logistic.

Rate Management System

To manage configurable  purchase agreements which support service provider choice algorithm and cost simulation

Green Shipments

Automatic calculation of CO2 Emissions based on Shipping Method, Route, Fuel Type and Volume | Take action directly on the platform by offsetting your shipping emissions

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