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NextRoute TMS Processes by shipper perspective

Main Steps

Setup your Freight Process

Start your configuration (Shipment Types, Plants, Routes, Business Rules) and Update your Master Data | Connect your ERP System through Standard API and Activate your Service Providers on NextRoute Platform

Transport Planning & Optimization

Plan your Shipment starting from Order Lines or Deliveries sent by ERP | Select Optimal Carriers, comparing Agreements or Spot Quotations, and Evaluate your Shipments | Check Technical Capabilities calculated by NextRoute and mapped by each Service Provider | Manage Bookings and Check-In through a Collaborative Process

Shipment Execution and Smart Tracking

Real Time Tracking Events and Collaborative Process to allow Service Provider Updating Further Info and Documents | For Road FTL and Milk-Run Track your Shipment connecting Logistic Operator at Warehouse Doors and Service Provider through Supplier Portal and Field App 

Cost Evaluation and Invoice Check

Upload Supplier Invoice in NextRoute, also connecting Service Provider directly to the platform | First Evaluation based on Purchase Agreement or Spot Quotation on single booking | Delta Price collected during execution through a collaborative debate inside NextRoute

Easy Integration With Your ERP System

NextRoute platform provides ready-to-use API to get and post all the basic entities of the system: Shipment Partners, Addresses, Order Lines, Deliveries, Transport Tasks, Transport Missions.

Contact our support to receive your license-key and try to use our swagger connected to test environment.

Integration With sedApta suite for a real Supply Chain Control

Chip shortages, collapsing ports, rising commodity prices and lack of transport operators: are just some of the most visible effects of supply chain disruption. 

As we wait for major economic changes, the immediate answer is to equip companies with a system that allows them to have a more accurate visibility over everything related to transportation and transfer value added information to production planning tools. 

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