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Optimal Carrier Selection

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Nextroute Platform provides several features to support Service Provider Selection, a process based not only on economic parameters, but also on transport equipment availabities and technical capabilities.

Booking of a relevant number of daily shipment is a process that can be supported by automatic algorithm that works on Cost, Time, Rating and Constraint Check.

Nextroute is a fully configurable TMS and, also in a cloud as a service environment, allow companies to build-up specific processes based on business rules.

Configure your NextRoute

Defining the structure of plants and standard routes (for each kind of shipment) is possible to update 'Business Rules', that help to define supplier ranking for each single booking.

Another important configuration is related to 'Technical Capabilies' which are calculated by the system according to parameters taken from product types, product attributes, address informations an so on.. Matching 'requested capabilities' and 'mapped', on supplier master data, we can check which suppliers can really perform the specific shipment.

Information on supplier master data can be updated by service provider himself directly from system dedicated frontend.

Maintain supplier rates

Integration with supplier frontend helps company to maintain purchase agreements that can be updated directly by the supplier.

In Carrier Selection Process: the Benchmark on Cost, combined with all other parameters configured, helps company to define the best source.

If actual agreements do not produce accepted bookings, system allow company to enlarge the choice through an efficient process of RFQ (Request For Quotation); also in this case managed in a collaborative way by involving supplier directly on the platform.

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