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Milk-Run Road Services: Load Routing in 'Tour Mode'

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Defining multi step route related to milk-run processes NextRoute Platform has implemented 'Tour Mode'.

NextRoute 'Load Routing Function' in 'Tour Mode' is able to plan optimized routes starting from geography and quantity of a list of single Transport Tasks, also in a mixed situation made of pickup and delivery tasks.

Starting and Arrival Point

“The Importance of defining truck position before and after the mission, taken by master data of the equipment or by information on sequent mission.”

In this kind of process is important to define also the starting point of the truck and the arrival one, after the completion of the transport mission.

These two positions are used to create an optimized sequence of pickup and delivery point in terms of Time and Km.

Time is a Costraint

Another important issue in planning Milk-Run Services is TIME, that is a costraint exactly like payload and volume capacity.

After each confirmation, given by the driver through the mobile transaction, NextRoute recalculates the sequence and provide an extimated time of arrival, campared with the target of the mission.

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